Editorial Truth


In regards to your Editorial (Island Sand Paper, October 14, 2016), your words were so true & profoundly right of how these residents & visitors feel, that I ripped it outta the paper & framed it as a remembrance daily, that I’m not the only one trying to cope & ‘make it’ w/how our Town has shut down so much prospective progression here. I feel 5 people are running & steering our Town into the ground, deep, deep, into financial wasteland!

I’ve owned my 2 houses here for 20 years and been a FMB resident from MI for 18 years. I wouldn’t go up to the podium at any Council meeting anymore & get ‘shut-down’ to voice my personal opinion or ever try to request a permit for any repairs or improvements to feel embarrassed that I even tried to come up to the Town Controllers.

I will read & honor the words in your article on display everyday so I can feel ‘not-so-alone’ in my feelings of these horrible conditions we’re forced to live with here. This on & on & on construction hasn’t moved from in front of my house more than 18 months! And I could go on about how our money is used, w/so many wasted hours of Beach Patrol & Police Officers ‘touring’ our beach sand edge (protective wildlife territory) & many, many, many Town 4-wheel drive ‘Golf Carts’

How much trash can be picked up & when you walk/ride the Blvd there’s trash everywhere.

Our Town has just a few residents to carry all this spending compared to other communities. What about our future here?

Thank You for your voice of opinion, on how we feel, living & trying to work & keep a business afloat here on this destroyed beautiful Paradise we used to know.


NancyLynn Van Oyen
Fort Myers Beach