Downtown Held Hostage


Regardless of how the picture has been painted (with words, promises or artistic renditions) the facts remain. A team of professionals, highly skilled in persuasion tactics has invaded Fort Myers Beach. This team has formed a group and taken possession of strategic land portions to coerce our submission to their own profit driven movement.

Led by Tom Torgerson, their group captured numerous parcels of beach property and controls the only sections of land that allow re-routing of Estero Boulevard directly to the bridge. They are in position to prevent re-routing unless we surrender by ignoring our comprehensive plan, violate our own regulations and concede to everything they want.

To me, this smells like being held hostage with threat of traffic jams forever unless we convert to their ideology and allow them to takeover and change our homeland’s character and atmosphere -the true lifeblood of this town!

Oh yes, they promised us lots of money too. Money that must first flow through their business holdings and add to their profit before a trickle of it is ever seen.

To finance the economic impact this team claims will result from their endeavor, it will require cramming at least 1,000 additional families (3000 or more adults and children) per day, 365 days per year, into a downtown water-view area replacing our downtown recreational beach. And, obviously, the majority of money spent by these families will be collected by the group’s establishments.

Please note that I use the term, “water-view area” because water is about all you will likely see if this radical group is allowed to build their seawall. Prominent engineers and seawall studies substantiate that such a seawall will erase all traces of any sandy beach after multiple series of normal high tides.

Joe Stockton

Fort Myers Beach