Don’t Promote Veach


Bill Veach is a great guy and means well in everything he does, but the FMB Community should have concerns with Bill Veach serving on the Town Council.  Bill has been an excellent advocate for all things environmental. However, bringing his environmental bias into community decisions, will likely make it difficult for him to be fair and balanced when making decisions that are best for the Town as a whole. The current issue with the lighting of Estero Blvd would be a good example. A final decision cannot be based on what is best just for the turtles. It needs to be a decision based on the environment yes, but it should also be based on cost and safety for the Town residents and visitors. Bill is popular on the Island, but I caution that just because he is popular, does not mean he will be well suited for serving on the Town Council. Bill is already valuable to the community with his environmental interests. Why promote Bill to the Town Council when he could remain in his current position where he is a proven asset to the community in his present role. Bill Veach has proven his effectiveness in the environmental areas where he is currently committed. He already reports regularly to the Town Council regarding environmental issues. Let’s keep Bill Veach in his proven capacity and continue to utilize his effectiveness in the positions he already holds in the FMB community. Let’s keep Bill Veach as the environmental advocate for the FMB Community and not promote him to Town Council.


Ed Rood
Texas Hold’em, LLC