Dog Beach


Most beaches in Lee County, if they allow dogs, require them to be leashed. One does not. Lee County’s Dog Beach allows dogs to run free in a beautiful beach setting.

Used for many years by savvy residents and visitors and their dogs, this park became official in 2001. The park has no restrooms or running water, but does have portable toilets and doggie shower stations so dogs can be rinsed off before leaving the park. Parking is free and adjacent to a busy road, so owners will want to keep their dog leashed until they reach the beach area. The beach is not visible from the road, but a clearly-marked path leads to the beach.Dog Beach Image

The area is in a tidal flat and is subject to incoming and outgoing tides, which, while it may require you to wade to the beach area, offers a lot of shallow water for dogs to run and play in.

Dog owners are asked to “paws” and read the posted rules before enjoying the park. Owners must be over 15 and are limited to two dogs. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Bring water for you and your dog. Bags are provided to pick up after your pet.

Dog Beach, Fort Myers BeachDog Beach is located on the Gulf Side of Estero Blvd, just north of New Pass Bridge between Bonita Beach and Fort Myers Beach. Hours: 7am-dusk daily. For more information visit or call 239-533-7275.



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Photos by Sarah List