Dock Demolition on Coconut Drive


You never call; you never write…That’s how residents of Coconut Dr. feel regarding the demolition of their dock at the end of Coconut Drive. Most of the residents attended the Monday’s FMB Town Council meeting and many voiced their disbelief and displeasure, and yes, disgust at what the city had done.

It was even more surprising when some on the council said they had no idea the docks on Coconut and Hercules were no longer there….Demo was done by public works. Questions regarding the ‘why’ of the demolition were vague, with the only reason being, ‘someone called and said the dock was unsafe’.  Who, where, why, and when has yet to be divulged.

The docks on both streets have been there since the area was designated part of the ‘quiet zone’ of FMB.  The residents, for the most part, have kept them, up.  This is not a tourist area of the beach, as most of the homes have been around since the 40’s.

The residents asked that the dock be rebuilt…but…Enter the TDC (Tourist Development Council).  The city would like to use TDC monies to establish more places for the tourists to use the Back Bay, as if 7 miles on the other side, a park on the north end, marinas, and Lovers Key is just not enough.  The definition of ‘public’ means no advertising on these small town streets.

Quiet zone areas are not TDC money areas. They are residential old Florida and the families, who choose to live there, did so with that understanding. The docks are currently kept up by the street and are part of the reason we purchased here.

We encourage the city and the TDC to use their monies in appropriate areas. Rebuild the dock on Hercules and Coconut immediately. In addition, appropriate the area to the subdivision, so that we continue to take care of it.

Becca Nakaya

Fort Myers Beach