Do the Right Thing


While some on the Town Council put their efforts into requiring all rentals to register, the homeless loiter, roam and sleep wherever they choose. Tolerance on the part of the Town is much too high. There ARE programs and facilities for the homeless. They CAN choose to participate or not. The missing link of course is those with severe mental illness and how to help them when they don’t seek help. Stop the hand-outs and start the hand-ups. It is past time for action to be taken. I suggest the Town Council of Fort Myers Beach do the right thing and pass an ordinance whereby it is illegal to sleep out on public property (common sense tells you this omits sun worshippers falling asleep on the beach in the sunshine). This would not conflict with property rights because anyone would be permitted to sleep outside on their own personal property. Newton Park has, since its opening, had homeless sleeping under the house, in the park, on the picnic tables, in the sand, and creating problems for neighbors. This is just one area I speak of. The problem is rampant and political correctness is completely out of hand. It is already too late, but do the right thing NOW!


Christy Hennessey
Fort Myers Beach and Carmel, Indiana