Development Questions


Is anyone (Town Council, Commissioners, Mr. Torgerson, et al) looking at what the impact of the Grand Resort project will have on traffic approaching from San Carlos Blvd.? Added to the Main Street (San Carlos Island) project, it may be difficult to get to the now famous roundabout and l,500 car garage. All eyes are on the major redevelopment on the beach, understandably. Commissioner Kiker and Mayor, your concerns should also be with your constituents, residents, workers, vendors, etc., some who leave and return daily on San Carlos. Mostly talked about is 1. traffic, 2. parking, 3. safety safety on the beach. Is there a projection or study on how many more cars will be on San Carlos to get to the bridge daily? Commissioner Kiker, should this be #4 on your list of basic issues? Town Council: Big challenge to get it right, No second chance. The hope is that you’re up to this enormous task. Councilwoman Stockton was spot on with the pertinent question of “what if” approvals needed don’t do through? No Plan B according to developers. Interesting statement. Keep up the pressure. Change is good when adhered to the parameters of Town Comp Plan, Fema, LPA, etc. Should there be exceptions? Respectfully from the Peanut Gallery,

Lois Gardner

Fort Myers Beach