Deny Dune Walkover


I have been following the controversy over the dune walkover for 8150 and 8170 Estero, and I sent a message to the owners via their website: The main problem with their walkover is that it sets a terrible precedent. If granted, what’s to stop the other houses and condos on that stretch of the beach behind the grassy dunes from making the same request?

In my 12+ years living at that end of the island and walking the beach, I have seen the lagoon open, closed, and open again. It happens to be closed at the moment, but in a couple of years it may be open, and a storm may shift the sand and bury the “walkover”. (As happened at Leonardo Arms.) What will the owners do then? Insist their neighbor open his walkway along the lagoon? Build a new walkway?

It is not 1/2 mile to walk to beach access. There is a deeded path for Laguna Shores alongside Castle Beach condo, which Google tells me is 0.1 mile from 8170. And it comes with a pedestrian crossing. Have they asked Laguna Shores to accommodate the landowners along the beach who are now cut off?

I find the whole thing self-serving and bad for our island. The photo published with the Guest Commentary (ā€œDune Walkover Should be Approved,ā€ Island Sand Paper January 31, 2020) did not show the proposed walkway. This photo does. Let’s hope the Council will take these factors into account and deny the request.


Peter Thornton
Fort Myers Beach