Density Questions

Letters to the Editor


I read (the local daily) about the Grand Resort’s new proposed plan for our island. First, the developers wanted the Lee County taxpayer’s Crescent Beach Park. This time it appears the developers want some of the taxpayer’s vacant land that used to be Seafarer’s Village at the foot of the bridge, which is 31,674 square feet (.72 acres) that Lee County taxpayers own at a value of almost one million dollars. It appears they want to swap their tiny 2,980 square feet (.06 acres) property at the foot of the bridge valued under $170,000 according to Lee County property website. The article also said they want 315 hotel rooms on the Helmrich site. A previous council approved only 65 hotel rooms max at that site.

Adding all the square footage of what Grand Resorts owns on our island, beach and bay side, I came up with 6.18 acres. In simple form, our town codes allow 6 residential dwelling units per acre, multiplied by 3 for hotel rooms under 450 square feet. I calculate 111 hotel rooms. These developers want more than three times that! This island cannot handle that. We incorporated to control that. If allowed, this will set precedent island wide. Nobody will be safe from this type of intrusion and traffic! If the developers would simply follow our Comp Plan and Land Development Code like everyone else is required to do, they would have a desirable development that fits the island, and is accepted and welcomed by the community.

There is also talk of a roundabout at the foot of the bridge. We do not need a roundabout.


Fran Cooke
Fort Myers Beach