Dennis Boback: Candidate for Town Council


The reason I am running for Town Council is, as a former Town Council member and mayor I have followed the Town’s progress since I left office. I believe this next election is the second most important election in the history of the town. The first being the election to incorporate the town. In this election the voters will be electing two council persons to guide this town into the future. They will decide whether to keep the character and culture of the beach or change and/or destroy our way of life, the reason we all moved here and call it home.

Growth and change are inevitable and cannot be stopped however as your next council person I will manage it for the benefit of the residents and to maintain our character and way of life. The first question I will ask myself before making any decision is how will this benefit the beach and at what cost. Will it be good for the beach residents and our businesses? If not I will not vote for it. Our comprehensive plan and land development codes must be followed not compromised.

There are many issues facing our community, Grand Resorts Development, storm water, Estero Blvd. construction, water quality and environmental issues are just a few. We must address the growth of our town government and tax burden it represents. We must find a way to recapture more dollars from the County and State to lighten the burden on our town.

My wife Susan and I have been married for 42 years, are homeowners and full time residents of Ft. Myers Beach for 20 years. I have a BA in Business Administration and BA in Hotel/Restaurant Management. I owned a small construction company and owned a restaurant/lounge in Pennsylvania. I worked for a restaurant subsidiary of PepsiCo, Marriot and TGI Friday’s in management positions. I served on Town Council and as Mayor of the Town of Ft. Myers Beach. I was a director of the Ft. Myers Beach Civic Association and originated and ran the Civic Association’s 4th of July parade for five years. I served on the COP ad hoc committee. Together we can make a difference. I thank you for your support and ask for your vote on March 15.