Dave Drumm, Town Council Candidate


Candidacy Announcement

My name is Dave Drumm and I’m seeking a position on the town council. As a beach resident and business owner (Reflow Plumbing LLC), the time for sitting in the back seat, complaining, needs to end.

What I offer is the common sense of a father and the “get it done” attitude of a businessman.

Lively communication with my fellow beach citizens and then addressing their desires with decisive clarity is the plan. We all can’t get our way, but we need to know we are being heard beyond Election Day.

The issues are more than can be addressed here. But citizens selecting their representative on the council need to know where each of us stand. Our beach and our water, with its fish, birds and wildlife is number one. Without it? Nothing else matters.

Our personal safety is threatened by traffic, vagrancy, drugs. All of which deserve immediate and ongoing attention. Many answers are available NOW. Action must be taken.

Parking is an issue that arises in many forms. Firstly, we must understand the rules, modify the rules as necessary and enforce the rules. Many of our business citizens will suffer immediate harm if a fair and comprehensive plan is not in place. Our visitors will vote with their pocketbooks on our decisions. Our historic landmark businesses must not be crushed by new development or coming modernization. New businesses must understand their place on our island from the outset.

Code Enforcement is not our enemy. They do the dirty job of protecting our home values, our health, our environment and our safety. Yet many of us have felt put upon. Often stories of unfairness have embedded themselves in our community. There are obvious solutions available that can be implemented swiftly to regain citizen trust.

A better way to handle our traffic and existing construction snarls must be found. New construction traffic is about to start and there is little planning for it. We must do better. Our very lives depend on it. I travel up and down our beach each and every day.

We as citizens must not fall into the trap of yes/no decisions which often lead to inadequate answers to complicated issues.

I look forward to hearing from you all. I will encourage you to vote for a slate of competent council members.