Danger to Turtles and People


Fill in Beach Holes

Holes left on the beach overnight, like the one shown here, are a danger to turtles and people. Fill in any holes you dig before leaving the beach for the day! Holes left on the beach overnight are a risk to the nesting turtles that lay nests on our beach and their hatchlings, during Sea Turtle Nesting Season, May 1 – October 31 each year, not to mention the damage a human being could do falling into a hole on the dark beach.

Protect nesting turtles by pulling all beach equipment back behind the vegetation line at night. Remove litter from the beach. If a light can be seen from the beach, it should have an Amber LED bulb or be covered. It’s almost time for the first nests of the 2020 season to begin hatching. When turtle hatchlings emerge from their nests, they head to the light of the moon reflected on the Gulf water. Any other visible light will attract them, causing them to head in the wrong direction and they end up lost, dehydrated or killed by cars on Estero Blvd. Do not use flashlights or cellphone lights on the beach after dark. Do your part to keep the beach dark and safe for nesting turtles, hatchlings and people!

If you find a hatchling wandering in daylight, put it on moist sand in a dry container in the shade and call Turtle Time immediately at 239-481-5566. For lighting information or to report lights shining on the beach call the Town of Fort Myers Beach 239-765-0202.