CPS Questions


I won’t pretend to be any type of engineer; but, I am having a problem understanding Torgerson’s proposal for a CPS.  As I research “CPS”, it appears that it can be almost any of many approaches towards beach erosion: walls, jetties, groynes, dunes, etc. Researching “urban wave attenuation wall” reveals many studies for noise and radio wave attenuation; but, I find the only one applicable to coastal (i.e. Ocean) waves is a PR release from Cummins-Cederberg, who engineered the referenced Clearwater Beach project.  It sounds like Torgerson’s is using some terms that need further clarification and investigation.

I also find it interesting that he seems to be proposing that bed tax dollars from his properties be used to fund the ongoing beach re-nourishment projects, that might be required yearly (that is, what will the Urban Wave Attenuation Wall do to the beach?). Is it appropriate that the developer/innkeeper get those tax dollars returned to his bank account?

I am not a detractor to the project. I am just concerned that politicians are all-too-quick to enter into bad deals for the people, either out of fear of litigation or for personal gain.

I’m also anxious to see what kind of negotiators the Parks Dept. has. They bought all the Crescent Beach Park and parking property for $6M+ a few years ago. The Salty Crab property sold to Torgerson’s for $3.2M, which is about 1/20th the size of Crescent Beach.

Ron Ustruck

Fort Myers