CPS May be A-OK


Tom Torgerson and TPI Hospitality may just be onto something with the Grand Resorts-FMB initiative. The idea to create a dynamic Coastal Protection System (CPS) that promotes a variety of considerations for man and nature alike in the larger scheme of things seems like a good one.

The notion that the CPS concept is a seawall that is ugly and expensive denies the opportunity to create a system that blends the needs of architecture while simultaneously providing a safe haven for nesting sea turtles and protecting and nourishing the beach and the natural dune system along the Fort Myers Beach coastline. In fact, it appears to me that the CPS is not a sea wall at all, but rather an asset that can benefit the local economy through increased quality tourism. I believe this is in line with the Fort Myers Beach Comprehensive Plan as it is proposed. And a beach renourishment program in perpetuity paid for from tourist bed taxes at the existing rate works for me.

As a resident and business owner on Fort Myers Beach for 30-plus years, I’m keeping an open mind. The entire plan might be just what we need to grow into a model beach town.

John Russo

Fort Myers Beach