Cowardly Lion


President Trump has declared a National State of Emergency to confront the global COVID-19 pandemic. This letter to the editor is trivial compared to COVID-19. However, the subject matter for our FMB community is important and must be addressed. That is, our recent election for town council.

The malicious, untruthful mailers sent by the PAC Making a Better Tomorrow (MBT) is indicative of nasty, anonymous national politics.  MBT attacked Mr. Allers and Mr. Butcher 9 times. Thousands of dollars ($25,000 plus?) wasted. Whoever MBT hired was sometimes creative and amusing, but the mailers were always full of Lies! My favorite was the last. Portrayed were the Scarecrow and Tinman. Missing was the Cowardly Lion. MBT and those whose money he used, is the Cowardly Lion, a Coward who refuses to put his name to this vicious, deceitful attack. This extravagant expenditure of funds is shameful. However, it’s his money. Mr. MBT, whoever he is, he is a Disgrace to the entire FMB community and should be ashamed of himself, if he is capable of shame. Doubtful. Those behind MBT now have a golden opportunity to assist our community. I challenge them to step up to help FMB to achieve a better tomorrow today.

MBT COWARDLY LION, should come out from behind his sinister curtain. Donate an equal, or better yet, greater dollar amount than he squandered. Write a check to the FMB Community Foundation. The Community Foundation is striving to help our service workers survive this economic disaster. They are selling T-shirts. T-shirts! Multiple residents and business owners have already donated greatly. They need more. This MBT PAC obviously has very deep pockets. Step up and donate $25,000. Prove that you believe your malicious rhetoric. An anonymous donation is perfect. I believe you really don’t care about helping our community, only your own narrow self-interests.  COWARD!


Ronald P. Fleming
Fort Myers Beach