County Bus Vs. Bike


The driver of a LeeTran bus ran me off the road at 2:05PM 2/8/2020. We were both northbound and as a courteous biker, I let a car pass as I moved into the turn lane approaching Bay Beach and then obviously had to get back into the traffic lane, the driver could clearly see I had no intention of turning and was moving back into the lane and proceeded to run me off the road, only to stop and pick up passengers a few hundred yards further down the road.

BIKERS have right-of-way, which is clearly labeled throughout the town, the driver would never have done that to a car. This driver should be disciplined, I have sent a photo of the bus with identifying numbers to the police. I have been an owner on FMB since 1996 and believe that the town, particularly their public services should understand the rules and most importantly be kind and considerate to all. This is not the type of publicity the Town of FMB wants or needs!

Chris Lissner
Fort Myers Beach

Editor’s note: Bus and tram service is NOT provided by the Town of Fort Myers Beach. It is provided by LeeTran, a division of Lee County. LeeTran contact information is available at