Council Should Start in Their Own Backyard


I find it interesting that the Town Council is waging war on newspaper boxes. Perhaps councils’ attention should concentrate on their own trashcans, some which are beyond unsightly. Visit the area around Nervous Nellie’s, and see for yourself. Busloads of visitors tour this area daily in season. The trashcans are rusted and filthy. The tops of the containers discourage their use, at least for me. I am embarrassed for our visitors that this may very well be their first impression of our town.

When I mentioned this to a town employee, he stated that there was not any money to replace the trashcans. I find it ironic that the multiple trash receptacles behind Topps Market appear to be brand spanking new. Not many people reside or visit behind Topps, certainly not busses. Perhaps the town can switch these trash receptacles with Nellie’s.

I encourage our town council members to walk around our popular tourist areas and view our island through the eyes of a visitor. Because I have only resided here for 4 years, I believe I have an advantage over long time residents in that I do view the island through “tourist” eyes. Therefore, I would be more than happy to tour the populated areas and make a list of the unsightly trashcans.


Jan Fleming
Fort Myers Beach