Costly, Needless Curb


Recently, the Town in their infinite wisdom decided to put a curb parallel to the hot dog stand on Primo Dr. For what reason you ask? Was it for public safety? Was it for aesthetic reasons? The answer is no. They put in this curb to stop people from stopping and parking to get a hot dog.

Isn’t it already illegal to park within 150 ft. of a stop sign? Yes. Did they needlessly put up 3 No Parking Signs to prevent an already illegal act? Yes. Do they not understand that people will do what they want, legal or illegal? So, how much is this costing you and I as taxpayers? I have asked to get an itemized bill of what this is costing us and I will have to get it through the Town when it comes in, so I’ll let you know.

So who requested this waste of money and time? I have three guesses on Primo Dr., how about you?


Andrea Carriere
Fort Myers Beach