Construction News


I depend on the Sandpaper to provide in depth news about happenings on our Beach that I rarely find in the News Press. You have provided wonderful insights to all the new construction going on with Estero Blvd, including diagrams and projections of the possible changes. For the past two Sandpapers, however, there has been no news about some of the changes I see each day. For example, what is going on behind the new barricades on the east side of Estero Blvd in the area near The Beached Whale?

There is news about the progress of the applications for approval of all the “improvements,” but a feature each week about what has ACTUALLY taken place (with pictures, if possible) would be very nice. Thanks for a great paper.

Don Kyte

Fort Myers Beach

Editors note: We have been writing about the status of the Estero project each week, but had to take a break over the holidays due to some unusual deadlines. Look for that coverage to return and, as always, if you have questions, let us know and we’ll find the answers.