Considerate Drivers Missing


What happened to the nice people who used to let cars out of their street, driveway,or parking lots?  They are in traffic doing 5mph, how much faster are they going to arrive at their destination if they stop and let a blocked in car out?  I saw a car deliberate block someone yesterday and no one was behind him pushing him to go faster. I have really lost all appreciation for our local and what little tourist drivers we have. I tried to turn right out of my street and a large tour bus tried to push me away. Isn’t there a law nationwide about not blocking side streets? I know some states give tickets for that. I used to be proud to live here, but construction seems to created some unthoughtfull, ill mannered people.  Plan to be on the next vehicle out of town, any old way to get out of town is OK. Even thought of getting a private plane. Anyone interested? I sure do miss my old plane. Wish I had never sold it. Would like to attend the veterans presentation on Monday, but too scared to drive. Oh yes, I badly damaged my car Friday trying to. Turn right out of Hooters, I was behind there getting a haircut. The traffic lanes are not wide enough, and please send some flag men or police to insure the “locals” a way to drive safely since the drivers are not trying to be nice.

Shirley Rouse
Fort Myers Beach