Consider Throwback Design


A lot has been happening on the Island this year…the big boys have hit the beach! Are they part of that demographic of investors and travelers that envision FMB as possibly “Naples North”? Beware the sleeping serpent has awakened!

It apparently is inevitable…but in looking at the first rendition of drawings (I am only addressing the “feel of the island” design concept in this letter), I’m wondering…the current trend being a “throw back” to the era of 50’s-70’s might the islanders want to retain the North Island’s Charm of that era by requesting the developers to come up with an architectural rendition of this concept? Possibly a community leader field trip to Cabana Bay at Universal Studios for everyone involved BEFORE you sign off on the final design of your developers? Maintaining the rich nostalgic past your community already evokes in each of us could only result in a win-win situation. It is why so many live and return here year after year. Universal Studios did it successfully, including all the infrastructure. It is Awesome! Tell me they don’t have vision.

Is the “Mermaid” going to be preserved in any way? Could the interior of this historical establishment be kept and used within their design?

In the end I wanted to emphasize that a well thought out “throwback” design style for all new commercial development (definitely at the north end) might be a way to ensure the ecstatic’s of your island beach community. I applaud your standards of integrity, and hope the island community might take a look into, or consider this concept before giving the final OK to these developers. It could actually be a win for them too in new design and future development concepts.

Carey Barnes

Grand Lake, Colorado