Consider an Overpass


Mr. Peter Rosteck (Letter to the Editor “Pedestrian Bridge” Jan 25, 2019, Island Sand Paper) suggested a pedestrian bridge to improve traffic flow at the base of the Matanzas Bridge. I am a seasonal resident of FMB who has another idea; build an overpass over 5th Street for the middle descending lane of traffic entering our island and intending to go south. See the attached map with overpass shown in red to see how it would improve traffic flow.

The overpass reaches ground level before the intersection of Crescent Street, where it is  joined by southbound traffic from the north end of the island. Descending bridge traffic intending to go to the north island will descend the bridge in the right lane (at the end of current bus lane), and veer right onto Estero Blvd as it currently does. Traffic on Estero Blvd coming from the south island intending to leave the island should turn right onto Crescent, then left onto 5th Street (which should be one way), to enter the bridge ascent as it currently does. Traffic from south island intending to go to the north island would pass under the new overpass on 5th street to continue north on Estero Blvd. Pedestrians would be able to go from Times Square or the beach under the overpass to the proposed new hotel or to Fifth Street; now having to only cross traffic coming from the north island going south; but not bridge traffic going south.


Larry Gessman
Fort Myers Beach