Connecticut Street Sidewalk


The Florida DOT came to town on Wednesday to show residents the final plan for a Connecticut Street sidewalk and found much less controversy than they did in April 2018 when they brought the original plan to town, with sparse attendance this week at the open house style public information meeting at Town Hall.

The new plan has a six-foot sidewalk along the south side of the street only from Estero Blvd to Shell Mound Blvd. DOT representatives said that the plan in 90% complete. When the plan is complete, the 700-foot stretch of new sidewalk will go to bid and residents can expect construction to begin in the fall of 2020. The DOT estimates about 3-4 months of construction.

The sidewalk project began about six years ago when Town Council asked for funding for a sidewalk from Estero Blvd to the Mound House on Connecticut St. It was approved and went on a waiting list for funding. Once it hit the top of that list, the design stage began last year. That original design called for a 6-foot sidewalk from Estero Blvd to the Mound House, with the sidewalk placed at the back side of the right-of-way to keep pedestrians as far from traffic as possible.

After the April 2018 meeting where residents objected to the plan, Town Council, in April 2019, approved altering the request to a six foot sidewalk from Estero to Shell Mound.