Congratulations Ray and Rexann


Thank you Missy Layfield, editor of the Island Sand Paper. Your words were chosen exceptionally in your remarks about our town election.(Editorial “A New Day” Island Sand Paper March 8, 2019) Let us all hope that the remaining time of our current Town Council goes quietly and so should those who will not remain in a seat. As a new resident on this island, my husband and I never imagined the PETTY politics that we have witnessed first hand. Our eyes were opened when we sat in on a Town Council meeting late last summer and saw the shenanigans. We congratulate Ray Murphy and Rexann Hosafros for their wins. BTW-Rexann was the only candidate to canvas our neighborhood and spent 15 minutes with my husband speaking of the island’s issues. Kudos to you Missy!

(written March 6, 2019)


Janet Kernan
Fort Myers Beach