Communications Hire “Irresponsible”


Thank you for last week’s profile of Fort Myers Beach’s first-ever Communications Coordinator (“Meet Jenny Dexter – Town Communication Coordinator,” Island Sand Paper, May 22, 2020). Nothing personal but our small Town does not need such.  Certainly not at an annual taxpayer cost topping $90,000.

Irresponsible is the only description appropriate for any new hire at this time by Town Council and City Manager Roger Hernstadt.

These are the same folks who put most FMB businesses out of business for weeks during this virus mess. Hundreds of workers all over the beach have lost huge amounts of income. Many have lost jobs here forever.

Initial reports indicated this new job involved “social media coordination.” A savvy intern can handle that silly responsibility for a few bucks or a semester’s credit at FSW or FGCU.

Our Town is very well represented on the Lee County Tourist Development Council. The Chamber of Commerce does an excellent job serving, working with and informing the community. They “get the word out” just fine.

No doubt we will soon hear about revenue shortfalls at Town Hall. A good place to cut back right now is by eliminating this unneeded communications job. Fortunately, the individual just hired can fall back on her 25-year pension from the State of Ohio.


Charles Wood
Fort Myers Beach