Codes Serve Town Well


I feel that the Editor’s thoughts (Island Sand Paper Editorial April 29, 2016-First Impressions) with regard to the post-election direction of land use decisions in our town were over-reactionary and somewhat off-base.

The desire to follow our existing Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code was well-supported by the voters’ choice of Council, while the subsequent cancellation of LPA meetings rests solely on the shoulders of town staff who prepare the LPA agendas and failed to do so. The staff is aware of displeasure on the part of LPA members as a result of the meeting cancellations.

Additionally, the land development codes of our town clearly describe that variations must meet five strict criteria including being minimal in nature, while deviations must meet the policies and regulation of the Comprehensive Plan. Many future development applications will find support for their requests within these guidelines. No one seeks to change that.

In fact, the residents and businesses of this town have been well-served by our governing documents and will continue to be. We can be assured that major requests, those desiring large variations/deviations out-of-scale to our community character, are not supported by those who we have recently elected to represent us.

My first impression is that for the betterment of our town, code enforcement and staff need to do their jobs while the LPA and Town Council continue to do theirs. All will be fine.


Joanne Shamp

Fort Myers Beach