Code Enforcement


The code enforcement personal don’t last long on the (Town) staff. Is it the pay they received or the change of command that they deal with? If the two officers can’t handle the job, than hire one more officer.

I have given a letter to each council member in December 2019 on the issue of the Time Square traffic light on how it is handled and also a letter about ordinances to be sent out by way of the water sewer bill. Town Hall personal and council members seems to like the way to communicate with everyone. But time goes on with no results. I have given the letter to the new code compliance manager Nov. 5, 2019. As of 5/25/20 there has not been any results to this matter.

Code enforcement has an ordinance concerning when to put (trash) containers out for pickup, 24 hours before and remove 24 hours after. Week to week the island looks like the slums or after a hurricane. Code enforcement and town council overlook the ordinance.


Phil Winter
Fort Myers Beach