Climate Emergency


I attended the interesting talk by Dr. Darren Rumbold described in your last issue. One of Rumbold’s comments (not noted in your article) basically said that rising sea levels will completely change water flows and should be considered in future plans.

A year ago I attended the Climate Leadership Outreach and Education meetings in Miami. One session started with a talk by Florida Department of Environmental Protection chief, Noah Valenstein. This department has 3,000 employees and is empowered to fight climate change by Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis.

In an executive order the Governor assigned Valenstein new responsibilities that must be science not politics driven and required that he create partnerships within other departments and elsewhere to assist these efforts. Florida has seven elected officials in Washington on Bipartisan Climate Solution Caucuses encouraged by the Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL).

CCL backs House Resolution 763 which institutes a carbon tax and citizen dividend to speed elimination of fossil fuels in our energy supply. Ft Myers and Naples have CCL chapters and there are 446 nationally plus over 200 in countries around the world. I organized a chapter in my Beverly neighborhood of Chicago and am eager to help organize a FMB chapter. Please contact me at

Last Monday, the Chicago City Council Committee on Environmental Protection and Energy passed out of committee the Climate Emergency Resolution, declaring a “state of climate emergency” for the City of Chicago and calling for the creation of a climate mobilization initiative. The FMB Town Council should do the same.


Rollin Dix
Fort Myers Beach & Chicago