Clean House


How is it possible to be $3.2 million in unpaid bills and no one at the town is accountable???? It is reported that Public Works Director, Scott Baker forwarded the bills to Town Administrator as he received them. Town Administrator, Maureen, said she received a stack on March 22nd. Is the Town Manager overseeing this? These three employees are paid well and need to be accountable for their actions.

This is serious. When I think back about Florida Power and Light sending the town $400,000.00 and they kept it and spent it. Now we are paying that amount back. Didn’t anyone in the town think this probably really was a mistake even if they kept saying it wasn’t. Come on. Use some common bookkeeping sense.

It is time to clean house. How many more mistakes or ” I will look in to it” are we going to tolerate. You could not run your business like this or your personal household. Our budget is out of control.

When I look at how many employees and vehicles we have and then hear the Town Manager at a council meeting say “We are Broke,” something is not balancing out.

If we don’t have money for this ongoing Estero Road project then put in on hold until the money is figured out. This should not be a surprise to anyone, it’s been years in the planning. I do not want this pointed in our direction, the taxpayer. As I open my water bill today and it’s only going to get worse.

Mismanaged. Clean House.


Fran Cooke
Fort Myers Beach