Christmas Lights Contest


How’s your decorating coming along? Got those lights up yet? If your Island home and business is not yet looking its holiday best, it’s time to designate an Elf and get decorating.

Our downtown area could use some brightening up, what with the construction, piles of sand and rock and barricades. We’ve been living with Bob’s Barricades for several months now and frankly, orange is just not that festive a color. Nothing against Halloween, but December is about red and green and yellow and blue.

What our Island needs right now is an infusion of color – lots of it!

We thought it would be a great idea to light up our town with Christmas lights. How much more welcoming would the Town look festooned with Christmas lights? Lots of lights!

Get out those lights and get going! Whether you are a fan of multi-colored lights or clear, go for it! Work, home, everywhere!

We know that not everyone is a Christmas Elf – those happy people who just love the Christmas season and haul the decorations out the minute the turkey is off the table at Thanksgiving. But we’re betting that every business and family has someone who IS an Elf and with the slightest encouragement will take the decorating job off your hands. A little bit of money buys a whole lot of lights.

The Island Sand Paper wants to encourage the brightening up of our Town, so we have declared an impromptu lighting contest for Island residents and businesses. We’ll offer a $100 credit at Pete’s Time Out for the Best Business Lighting and a $100 credit at The Beached Whale for the Best Home Lighting.

Judging will be by the Sand Paper Elf Crew during the week of December 13th. Winners announced in the Christmas Day Sand Paper.

Contest Rules:  Any color lights qualify. More is better. This is not about subtlety. Absolutely no decorating of Bob’s Barricades. And safety first – don’t overload circuits; use the right extension cords. Nominations are welcome. Email us at or call us at 239-463-4461 to point us in the right direction so we don’t miss any great lighting displays.

Let’s light up our Island this month!