Christmas Day on Fort Myers Beach


Ho! Ho! Ho!

Locals and visitors alike jammed Fort Myers Beach, to spend Christmas Day in Paradise!

By noon, cars backed up to almost Pine Ridge Road, the unofficial sign of the arrival of the Holidays – and Holiday traffic with it! There is something both inspirational and depressing to see a woman who is pushing a baby stroller walk past you while you are stuck in heavy traffic.

christmas day, fort myers beach
Carter & Augusta of Rossford, Ohio, celebrate their 7th consecutive Christmas Day on the beach!
Christmas Day, Fort Myers Beach
Water balloon contestants line up on Christmas Day!

Once at the beach, the sea breeze did an exceptional job of keeping everyone cool and comfortable as the temperature struck 88 degrees, breaking the Christmas Day mark of 87 set all the way back in 2015; like last year, we broke four consecutive high temperature marks, from December 23 through 26, including 91 on Christmas Eve to set our all-time record December high.

People line the shoreline to view the glorious Christmas Day sunset.

Despite the traffic, the sand was cold, the drinks colder, the crowd happy, my family delightful, and the sunset spectacular. Jingle All the Way!

Gary Mooney

Photos by Gary Mooney