Chamber Forms Government Affairs Committee


On May 13th of this year, a new committee formed within the Greater Fort Myers Beach Area Chamber of Commerce to monitor local government activity. Called the ‘Government Affairs Committee’, the group will meet twice a month and report to the Chamber’s Board of Directors.

“Please note that there was no particular action by any government entity that led to the formation of this committee,” Chamber President Bud Nocera told us. “This was a consensus of Chamber members to formalize what the chamber has been doing in terms of government activity.”

The formation of such a committee is not a new function of the Chamber. Bud told us that Chambers of Commerce have had committees like this one since the 1990’s, and Board member Bill Fagan – who will Chair the new committee – handed us a document adopted by a former Beach Chamber ‘Legislative Committee’ in 2006 that was created for the purpose of monitoring local government.

The new committee will have seven members, who will report to Nocera and then to incoming Chamber President Jacki Liszak when Bud retires later this fall.

“We haven’t broken down everything we plan to do yet, but right now our main goal will be to provide representation of the business community and make sure accurate information gets out to our member businesses,” Fagan said.

Fagan and Nocera provided us with the committee’s mission statement, which reads as follows:

“The mission of the Government Affairs Committee shall be to monitor town, county, state and federal legislative and policy activities; to inform the Chamber Board of Directors and advise them when policy action needs to occur; then to implement policy by informing and advising elected and appointed officials, as well as Chamber members, on issues that will affect beach businesses and the community at large.”

Meetings are held twice a month in the Chamber offices in Key Estero Plaza.

“We encourage all Chamber members to take an active role in following government policy and legislation,” said Fagen.


Keri Hendry Weeg