Hasn’t it all been just grand?  March break.  There are all the dear faces around the table … children and grandchildren, all drinking up and chowing down another great meal. You chat about the things you’ve done; the memories you’ve made together.

Now, it’s time to go … a tear in the eye and a wave of the hand. Family members must return to their distant places.

You think about those lovely days, those wonderful dinners you made.  They were great, weren’t they?  Then, a little “niggle” starts at the back of the brain.  You can’t stifle it.

You recall your struggle to remove the top of the margarine container; you fought to get into the fruit containers, and the bag of Snickers Mini-bytes. How about the pain in your wrist from efforts to uncork the sauvignon blanc?

As you say, you have your memories.  Surely, your wrist will have mended nicely, by … next March break?

You feel a tension headache developing. You should take an aspirin; that is, if you can get the top off the bottle.


Allison Goldstein