Cause for Alarm


In your July 6th issue and also on your website you have the guest commentary by Lee County Manager Roger Desjarlais (Guest Commentary – Protecting All Lee Employees, Island Sand Paper, July 7, 2017), who explained the recently adopted county policy on discrimination. What the county has done is cause for alarm.

Mr. Desjarlais quotes the court: “The federal opinion defines harassment: Verbal, nonverbal or physical conduct that shows hostility or aversion toward an individual because of his or her race, color, religion, sex, national origin or disability or any other status protected by law.”

While the court issue was the firing of a public employee based on their sex or gender, the above definition is so broad that it will prohibit county employees from verbally sharing their religious views and beliefs while working because some other employee may claim it is a form of hostility!

The adoption of this policy is allowing those on the left to promote their liberal social agenda and beliefs, while the Christian will be accused of hostility or aversion if they practice their religious beliefs by talking about God’s design for the family structure.

If this type of law is allowed to stand, perhaps ministers will not be allowed to preach against sexual immorality and sin. Yet that is the very definition of love, as given by God in Lev. 19:17, that we rebuke the sinner so they may repent and be saved in the Day of Judgment.


Leon Moyer
Fort Myers Beach