Monday, November 23, 2020
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When Things Get Tough Go Fishing

When Things Get Tough, Go Fishing

When things get tough the tough get going. I believe that’s the old saying. For me it’s when things get tough I go fishing. When...

Travel Art

Twenty-some odd years ago my wife, JoNell and I began traveling together to the Florida Keys. The trips were for both relaxation and fishing...

Random Thoughts

Every so often I have to do what I call a mental cleansing. As time goes by my brain fills with lots of ideas...


Tourism is very important to the local economy of Lee County. As a matter of fact, tourism is pretty much the lifeblood of a...
Why I Go FIshing-Rob Modys-Footprints in the Sand

Why I Go Fishing

I was recently asked the question, “Why do you go fishing?” After much thought I came up with an easy answer, “It’s fun and...
Footprints in the Sand-Rob Modys

State Reef Fish Survey

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) recently released information about a new initiative to count the amount of fish released and harvested...
The New Normal-Rob Modys-Footprints in the Sand

The New Normal, Footprints in the Sand

The New Normal has begun. I, for one am very happy about the reopening of businesses all over Florida and hope that everyone follows...

It’s the Little Things

It’s been an interesting week. New terms have been added to everyday life…social distancing, elbow bump and flattening the curve. All Floridians and much...

Tides, Get Ready for A Little Science

I posted a photo on social media of a recently acquired tide clock. I commented that it only works on the Atlantic coast of...

The Fascination With Pelicans

A wonderful bird is the pelican His bill can hold more than his belican He can take in his beak Food enough for a week But I'm damned...

Cabbage Key Only By Boat

While cruising down a beach road not long ago in my truck, a tune came on the radio called “Bar at the End of...

Combat Fishing? Never Heard of It?

Saltwater fishing takes on many identities such as deep sea, backcountry, nearshore, offshore and others. But the one that I’m most attracted to is...


Editorial-Missy Layfield-fort yers Beach News-Island Sandpaper


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