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Island History

Estero Island has a rich history and many interesting old tales. Explore this unique place on these pages.


What the Tide Brings

Island Nature On Fort Myers Beach, overlooking the Gulf, and almost in the center of the Island, Newton Park and its little grey cottage are...

The Oldest Place, Mound House

By their very nature, barrier islands are dynamic places, always changing shape and surprising their owners. Eroding away here, expanding outwards towards the sea...

Mound Key- A Living Monument

THE CALUSA For over two thousand years, Calusa Indians dominated Southwest Florida. This was their home. Built by amassing millions of shells, carried in woven baskets...

The Sailor Who Changed History

Christopher Columbus As a child you may have memorized the rhyme: “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” But what we all learned back in...
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Sands of Time, Florida’s Role in the Civil War

Twenty-two million people live in Florida today because of the Civil War, stated Palm Beach Post reporter Eliot Kleinberg on April 8, in his...
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A Capsule History of Estero Island Part 2

Sands of Time: Growth, Development, Booms and Busts Visitors and residents in 2019 may find it hard to picture Fort Myers Beach as an uninhabited stretch...
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A Capsule History of Estero Island

Part 1 - Early Settlers Are you new to Fort Myers Beach? Perhaps a returning visitor or a resident who wants to know more about...
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Fort Myers Beach Historical Attractions

There is no denying the main draws that lure people from all over the nation and world to Fort Myers Beach are our white...
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Sands of Time, Historic Beach Shopping Plazas

Santini Marina and Sea Grape If Florida is the original land of boom and bust, then Fort Myers Beach should be dizzy from riding historic...
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Florida: Weird, Wonderful, Unique

Sands of Time “Florida is America’s weirdest state, and also the one with the greatest influence on the other 49,” declared Craig Pittman to open...
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Marauder Crash Families Honor the Ultimate Sacrifice

The Price of Freedom The Memorial Day Holiday Weekend means different things to different people: The unofficial start of summer. The end of school. Neighborhood...
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Discover and Preserve Local History: The Estero Island Historic Society

A Walk through Estero Island History For an island whose history of human settlement dates back thousands of years, Fort Myers Beach has only a...