Captain or Not

Letters to the Editor


Consider this: When we think about Mr. Eisenhower, he is not still considered a General or a Commander of the Armed Forces or a President anymore. He was just a former of all of the above.

Consider this: When we think about Mr. Nixon, he is still remembered for his past involvement in Watergate and Cambodia, but in the end he was still a past President and almost an ex-con.

The Sand Paper continues to do a great job as the only Beach Paper – also free. However the Editor and proofreaders seem to keep missing, weekly, the same type of error in The Lighthouse Resort and Tiki Bar ads.

Your Captain Mike is no longer a Captain. He is now traveling in his motorhome with his co-pilot and new love, Cookie, going from state to state, mooching free parking and meals along the way.

Note picture of Mike and Cookie with Gary and Connie in front of their restaurant.

Note picture of Mike and Cookie in front of Pilot John’s houseboat. If John is a pilot, why doesn’t he fly himself instead of standby?

Bottom line, Mike has to swallow his ego and pride, to man up and add to his title. How about ex-Captain or Former Captain or perhaps, prior Captain? Or…

Cookie could take one for the team, for the Mike in her life. All Cookie has to do is change her name to “Tenille.”

Problem solved.


Captain “Bible” Jim Gideon
Fort Myers Beach


Ed. note: The content of ads is provided by the advertiser and is not edited by the Sand Paper. The usage of honorifics, including Captain, is fairly common, even long after someone is no longer functioning in that role.