Candidate Guest Opinion: Lori Fayhee


Lori Fayhee is running for Lee County School Board to make students and what they are learning, the top priority in Lee County.

I have worked to improve conditions for Lee County students and teachers for the last 4-years. I successfully petitioned the board to reinstate recess for our youngest students, decrease excessive testing and increase teacher planning times.

I oppose Common Core (CCSS), high stakes testing and raising taxes, which my opponent supports. I support a well-rounded education, which includes life and social skills that will enable our students to become successful contributing members of our community. With the narrowed focus of CCSS, our public schools have cut classes like Home Economics, Shop and Bookkeeping, as well as many of the arts. Currently, over a quarter of our students are leaving high school without a standard high-school diploma and most can’t even balance a checkbook! We need to ensure that our students are learning life skills in addition to learning the basics.

It is vital for you to know the vast differences between the candidates running for the Lee County School Board. The School Board race and local elections are the most important votes that you will mark on your ballot this year, as these races will ultimately determine the quality of life in our community and the tax rate you will pay over the next four years.

With a budget of nearly $1.4 billion, the Lee County School District (LCSD) has a debt service this year of $49.8 million and transportation costs of $62 million due to student assignment. The annual turnover of our teachers is over 10 percent; at a cost of $20,000 per teacher, to replace and train new teachers. Nearly two-thirds of our tax dollars go to education and yet our school district has never performed a forensic audit and our board has been operating without a board auditor since 2007. The LCSD board must become responsible and trusted stewards of our tax dollars AND our youth.

I received the endorsements of Daybreak’s Drew Steele, the Network for Public Education Action (NPE), and former Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back/former running back for the University of Florida football team, Earnest Graham, and wife, Alicia. I won all of the straw polls to date for School Board District 3, including the straw poll of the Lee County Republican Executive Committee (LCREC).

For more information: 239-776-8889, or

Lori Fayhee
Candidate for Lee County School Board District 3