Candidate Guest Opinion: John Pohland


As the incumbent for Fire Commissioner, Seat #2, my first priority is guaranteeing the safety of the people of our Beach community. My second priority is to ensure this is done in a manner that will not increase the Mill Rate for the Fort Myers Beach Fire District. I was the only sitting Commissioner who voted NO for the tax increase that was levied this past year. I was an advocate for decreasing legal fees by shopping for a law firm that could give us comprehensive legal services with reasonable fees, resulting in substantial savings. I also advanced a competitive purchasing process that entailed research and shopping around for best prices without sacrificing quality that resulted in sizable savings. As a successful businessman, I bring decades of experience and expertise to the Fire Commission, complimenting the talents of my Fire Commission Board members.

My rival for Fire Commissioner, Seat #2 is proposing we waste hundreds of thousands of dollars by replacing the excellent service the Coast Guard provides Fort Myers Beach waters with one run and paid for by our Fire District. The Coast Guard and our Fire District are partners. Our EMT’s respond to maritime emergencies along with the Coast Guard by being aboard rescue vessels when there is a medical issue. To change this partnership would result in enormous cost increases. My competitor’s proposal reflects his lack of knowledge and experience of the Fort Myers Beach Fire District.

I am a long-time resident of Fort Myers Beach. I have served on the Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) for 11 years.  I have been a member of a County Committee for Transportation and a Beach Ad Hoc Committee researching tax structures. I am very committed to our community and have put my time and energy into preserving and ensuring our continued progress.

I was appointed in April 2015 to fill a vacancy by the Fire Board that preferred me over my competitor. I am knowledgeable, dependable and a team player. I am committed to safety and efficiency. I am dedicated to finding and working for the best outcomes for our Fort Myers Beach community. Please vote for your best interests by voting for me, John Pohland on November 8th.


John Pohland
Incumbent Candidate, Fort Myers Beach Fire Control District, Seat 2.