Candidate Guest Opinion: Jane Kuckel


It’s important homework time for everyone.

These are critical times in education with changing curriculum, high stakes testing, a growing population that is outpacing funding for school buildings, and a new superintendent who can only be successful when The School Board Members work collaboratively with him in setting the vision and goals.

The selection of Board Members in the upcoming August 30 Primary Election, will determine the quality and future of the Lee County Schools.

This decision should not be left to chance by randomly picking a name from an alphabetical list on the ballot.

The District needs Board Members who are good problem solvers, and have the background of successful leadership experience to move the district forward. Having previously served on the Lee School Board for 12 years, I know what it takes to reach parent and community expectations. During that time, Lee County was only one of the nine largest districts in the State that showed academic improvement every year for six years in a row. That improvement included moving from a “C” to an “A” status, developing career academies in every high school, and reducing the drop-out rate from 7% to 1.3%, Also, of great importance, was the strategic planning and budgeting that allowed the District to meet an unexpected population boom by building 20 new schools and 17 additions within a 7 year span — all on time and under budget.

If you haven’t had a chance to vet the School Board candidates, it’s not too late. Take the time to check out their Web and Facebook pages, as well as Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. This will give you better insight into what the candidates believe and can contribute.

If you are intending to vote with a mail-in ballot, you should have received your ballot. The actual Election Day is August 30—allowing plenty of time to gather information about the best qualified candidates.

If students want to succeed in school, they must do their homework. If you want the Lee County School System to, again, be recognized as the pride of the community, then you need to do your homework and vote responsibly. Each and every vote counts.

Jane Kuckel
Candidate for Lee County School Board District 6