Candidate Guest Opinion: Jane Kuckel


The upcoming General Election will be history in the making for Lee County Schools.  Previously the 5 member Lee County School Board was voted on by all of Lee County voters, with the members having to live in the district they represented.

This year, when you vote on November 8th, you will cast your ballots for Lee School Board members in a different way.

Like most Florida School Districts that are approaching the 100,000 student enrollment range, the Lee County district, which is also expanding, saw its board vote to expand the board from 5 to 7 members.  There will still be 5 individual District School Board seats, but now each of those seats will only be voted on by those who live in the District represented.  These five are called Single Member districts.  The two additional seats, Districts 6 and 7 have been added as At-Large seats, meaning that the board members may live anywhere in the District and will be elected by all voters across the County.

Will this be a better way to do business?  On the positive side, decisions will be discussed and vetted by a broader representation of the population (“seven heads are better than…”) and the members of each district may feel that their individual concerns and needs will be better represented.  On the other side, there are additional costs, Board discussions will more likely take additional time, and individual Board Members may feel pressure to weigh more heavily on favoring their district needs as opposed to “The good of the whole.”

With all these changes it is even more critical that the new District 6 and District 7 School Board Members bring to the table the experience and knowledge base to be good problem solvers, mediators, and consensus builders.  I was recruited to run for the Lee County School Board District 6 seat because of my proven leadership as a teacher, administrator and past School Board Member.  My focus will be to bring the Lee County Schools back to a State and Nationally recognized high performing district.  I was called “a voice of reason” while previously on the School Board and I will continue that practice.  I do my homework to be an informed decision maker and I am passionate about the Lee County Schools, and this community.   I hope you will consider me, Jane Kuckel, on Election Day.


Jane Kuckel
Candidate, Lee County School Board Seat 6