Candidate Guest Opinion: Jack Green



I have two topics to present today.

My first topic, is protection of our environment. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and I’ll freely admit I’m a tree hugger.  Our natural environment is under constant assault, whether it be polluted water, fracking, over-development or loss in bio-diversity. Sometimes it seems so daunting you want to go ostrich and make believe its not happening. But when you yank your head out of the sand the problems remain. The majority are man-made and can be corrected or at least mitigated. I propose that we expand the Marine Resources Task Force (MRTF) responsibilities to focus on all our natural resources. MRTF can educate and assist the Town Council in determining where to expand our time, energy and money to make a difference. MRTF can organize community action and work with other communities, organizations and agencies to get our voices heard.  Unless we number in the millions interests such as “Big Sugar” will drown us out. Maybe we should consider changing the name of MRTF to the Natural Resources Task Force.

The second topic concerns the different opinions in our community and having your voice heard. We live in a diverse community, and we often rub shoulders with each other regardless of where we are on the socio-economic ladder, and it’s a good thing!  Some of us were born here and some of us chose to make this our home, and like all communities we sometimes disagree. However, we all have a voice and have the right to be heard.  It wasn’t that long ago I mentioned to a resident one of my favorite Norman Rockwell paintings is the ‘Freedom of Speech” painting. This painting depicts a man standing in a Town Hall meeting, possibly endorsing an unpopular opinion, but still being heard. His right to be heard and his opinion to be considered in the decision making process is necessary. Whether that differing opinion is from a public minority or a Council Member it must be heard and considered. We will not always agree, but we must find common ground and do what’s best for the community. When a differing opinion is brought forth we must ask if others feel the same and why. Sometimes a minority opinion is just sour grapes and sometimes the majority opinion is just wrong headed. We must always keep an open mind and LISTEN for understanding!

Jack Green

Candidate for Town Council

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