Candidate Guest Opinion; Dan Allers


by Dan Allers
Town Council Candidate

Responsible governing requires responsive listening.

I recognize the weighty responsibility I will be accepting as your representative, each of my actions will impact the lifestyle and financial stability of our island. I will look for your input to help in making informed decisions. Effective governing requires input from its residents.

Change is inevitable, outside influences will impact our island. While we can’t keep out the influences of the outside world, we can decide the path in which they do. If we proactively monitor Town permitting trends, pending legislative actions at the County, State and Federal levels and visitor spending patterns at our local businesses, we can identify trends and take actions to effectively channel these changes in a way that best represents the values and character of our island.

I have consistently demonstrated that I am approachable. I will listen to all opinions, consult with experts, review our budget and analyze trends and then and only then make an informed decision that represents the best interests of our Town, our neighbors and our environment. Too often during debate forum Q&A’s candidates are asked for a simplistic yes or no answer, well when you are representing such a diverse, vibrant and eclectic community you have to go much deeper than that. Often, we see elected representatives that have an agenda, a self-indulged passion, a hardline fiscal focus or any other number of predisposed opinions which clouds their objectivity and serves as the only ‘principle’ they use when taking legislative or policy actions.

Our Town’s economy is dependent on the tourist dollars brought in by our beautiful beaches, businesses, wildlife and our character. We must do everything possible to protect these assets. Our residents deserve strong fiscal management to enjoy a quality of life they have earned. Actively and openly weighing all these factors before I take any legislative action is my promise to you. Continuing to be heavily involved in the community, remaining approachable, actively listening to your concerns and opinions is my promise to you. Committing to protecting this island’s natural wonders, improving the safety of its residents and visitors and ensuring a strong financial footing is my promise to you.

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