Candidate Guest Opinion; Bill Veach


I would like to thank the other candidates for being civil, pleasant and cooperative during the campaign. It would be my honor to serve with any of these gentlemen. We all bring something different to the table. I have a career of developing products and building a company from scratch. I have learned that the earlier in the process you find a problem, the cheaper and easier it is to make right. This was true of our products and it true for some of the projects the Town is contemplating, from street lights to times square. Going from an entrepreneur to a volunteer with a municipality was a steep and painful learning curve. Things take time, and there are strict processes to follow. It is easy to say you want something, like a lower speed limit on a waterway or better street lighting, but the challenge is in finding the process to get it done within the framework of ordinances from multiple jurisdictions. This takes a deeper study and targeted effort to be effective. Sometimes the ordinances prohibit your goal, many due to preemptive state laws aimed to limit home rule. When you cannot do what you want, you do what you can. The reusable shopping bags are an example of this, since we were not allowed to limit the distribution of one-time use plastic bags, we provided a constructive alternative.

I am not running for Town Council to stuff a resume or to feel important. I am running to be an effective force to get things done that benefit the Town, our residents and businesses. I have lived full time on the island for 10 years and have used that time to study our environment, educate others, and volunteer to help protect what we all love. Political will seems to flow like our tide. Challenges and opportunities come and go. Navigating these are critical for protecting and improving our island.

I am an Engineer, businessman, naturalist, writer, songwriter, and volunteer. I will work to help protect and improve the lives of our residents, visitors and businesses. Mine is a low impact campaign. You will not see expensive mailers or ads from me, and I have not taken any political contributions from anyone or any special interest. This frees me to work exclusively for you, and for our island. Please vote for Veach, for the beach!


By Bill Veach
Town Council Candidate

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