Candidate Guest Opinion: Ber Stevenson


We are now in a state of emergency. It is time to make a stand. We need to stop the Lake Okeechobee discharges. Now is the time to condemn the land south of Lake ‘O owned by the sugar industry. Under the laws of the State of Florida, this land can be condemned in the interests of public safety and welfare. Buying it under the option to purchase which was last on the table, “Big Sugar” has until 2040 to stop farming on this land. If we stop the polluted farming now, we would get immediate results to save our water.

We need to stop the construction and get a better plan using other methods, such as trenchless technology, and get more money from Lee County (SEND OUR MONEY SOUTH) and the State of Florida. We must coordinate the out-of-date Estero Boulevard construction project with our storm water plan, and connect the dots.

The handwriting is on the seawall (or coastal protection system or whatever you want to call this monolithic structure). The Town Council is building one now to protect itself from the wishes of the residents and businesses. Last week they began to pave the primrose path, or road to nowhere, and financial disaster. At the held are drunken sailors allowing the Town Council to violate one of our founding charter requirements by voting to allow the Town Council to enter into long-term debt. This in the wake of an upcoming referendum and thus circumventing this very issue, taking away the people’s chance to give their voice.

Let’s face it. The Town Council doesn’t care what we think. It is all about what they want. Dan Andre wants to be re-elected so that he can steer us in the right direction “as the voice of reason.” He is in favor of the seawall. The Mayor has been quoted that the Town Council will decide on the Grand Resorts development and there will be no public referendum. Weeks ago they decided to table the Motion rather than rejecting this development, leaving the door open for the public brainwashing to go on by the developer.

Now the FBI and the League of Women Voters are investigating the six secret meetings between Larry Kiker, Tom Torgerson, our Mayor and our Town Manager.

Seawalls are death to the beach and to the turtles.

It is definitely time to make a change.

Ber Stevenson

Candidate for Town Council

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