Candidate Guest Opinion; Bruce Butcher


by Bruce Butcher
Town Council Candidate

Who would have thought that the  town council election in FMB would be subject to the influence of million dollar PACs?

I am sure most registered voters have seen the attack flyer with Dan Allers and me as the subject of an attempted smear.

I am somewhat flattered that they feel I am so important and dangerous to their narrow views of what is best for our island. Interestingly these influencers choose to remain anonymous  or what I call cowards. We have found that the attack PAC is run by Eric Robinson from Venice FL. Eric calls himself the” prince of dark money.”

The attack PAC is  promoting some of the same lame and inaccurate claims that we have seen from other flyers and follows comments we have heard from Lani Kai’s Bob Conidaris.

Big developments and small developments pay for their own services through impact fees, property taxes, permit fees and utility fees. The property taxes voters pay do NOT support developers as claimed by the attack flyer. Additionally homesteaded voters pay only 15% of the general fund property taxes for FMB. I wonder what plans the attack flyer assumes that we have that will raise taxes? I wish they would identify those plans and the associated dollar amounts. But bullies and coward chose to lie and not offer facts.

I should feel violated by the attack flyer but it is so pathetic it is hardly worth the effort to write this. The only thing violated is the truth.

Sometimes I can’t help myself.


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