Candidate Guest Opinion; Dave Drumm


by Dave Drumm

Are you interested in what people are thinking and feeling here on our beach? Run for office like me. This has been a delightful experience – a learning experience. I’m a bit of a wind bag and have met so many residents anxious to talk. Hundreds of conversations about our community. I happily report that we’re mostly on the same page. People are concerned for their neighbors’ well being as much as their own. They desperately wish to maintain our FMB identity. Yes, many express anxiousness about our new TPI project, and, at the same time, wish it to be a success. Our candidates are all good people with their own view of what’s best for the community. We will make our votes in little more than a week. But no council will succeed without listening to its residents. Keep our phones ringing in the months to come. Stay as active as you can in the matters most important to you. Let’s stay the warm, welcoming community that we are.

By Dave Drumm
Town Council Candidate

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