You have to love the Beach, don’t ya?  Now we are fighting over carrots, cabbages & coconuts. The movable market from north to south end of Estero Island, then changed to Bay Oaks Recreation Center. Why? There may be mucho dinero selling veggies. Is there competition involved?

All walks of life from Bowditch Point to San Carlos Pass live on this island. Segmenting Fort Myers Beach into zones is a poor plan. Entertainment Center? That is at the corner of Tropical Shores Way & Estero Blvd (sort of a Gila Bend, Arizona look) which is more entertainment than most of us can stand.

Considering that Florida Power & Light has the Power, negotiating back to Beach taxpayers the $450,000 owed them is in order. Working at the Town Hall without power could become difficult. You all will perspire, even sweat for a living. Of course FPL will not “pull the main” on you, but they could decide to do a lot of upgrades very near the Town Hall which require shutting off your power.

Back to cabbages. Remember the line: ‘The time has come the walrus said to speak of many things, of ships, of sails, of sealing wax, of cabbages & kings.” Evidently the turtle was silent consulting an attorney regarding due process, religious freedom, etc, etc. guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

Moreover, if the pastor begins providing transportation for his market in a gold Maserati, that’s a different story, a nag of a different hue.

What is this? A diversionary tactic to keep our minds off the development issue?

The beach is for everyone.

Lucinda Keller

Fort Myers Beach