Bus Lane


This Grand Resorts proposal for the Times Square area is certainly interesting.

Who could be against moving Estero Blvd over to the Bay side for a few blocks and making a longer pedestrian plaza? And who could object to putting a parking garage right at the bottom of the bridge so the traffic doesn’t spread down the island? And we all want something instead of that eyesore – Seafarers.

What is conspicuously missing is any enhanced public transportation proposal. Before the County gives up Seafarers and Crescent Beach Park, can someone bang some heads and get that bus lane installed on San Carlos Blvd? I suspect that, if a car’s occupants saw the bus sail past while they sat in traffic, they might opt to come that way next time? (And don’t tell me it’s someone else’s jurisdiction. It’s in Lee County, isn’t it? And who runs the bus service?)

When you have a bus lane, maybe Grand Resorts can commit to running a private shuttle bus to the airport in return for being allowed to buy the county properties? You don’t need a car to enjoy our Island.

Peter Thornton

Fort Myers Beach