Budget Hearings


September is Budget Month as our local taxing entities hold public hearings to gather input on their 2017-2018 budgets and to adopt budgets and tax rates for next year. The fiscal year begins October 1 each year for these taxing districts. Each one is required to post their proposed budget on their website, where taxpayers can view past budgets for comparison. Each taxing district has two hearings in September, except for the Lee County Schools, which has already held their first hearing.

Listed below are the hearings held in Fort Myers Beach and Lee County for taxing districts on FMB Truth in Millage (TRIM) notices. The South Florida Water Management District and West Coast Inland Navigation District do not hold hearings in Lee County. The final hearing dates listed are tentative as they cannot be officially set until the first hearing.

Lee County

 2016-17 rate 4.0506
2017-18 proposed rate 4.0506

Hearing Dates

Sept 6 at 5:05pm
Sept 19 at 5:05pm*
2120 Main Street, Fort Myers

Lee Schools (local)

2016-17 rate  2.2480
2017-18 proposed rate 2.2480

Hearing Date

Sept 5 at 5:05pm
2855 Colonial Blvd, Fort Myers

Town of Fort Myers Beach

2016-17 rate 0.800
2017-18 proposed rate 0.900

Hearing Dates

Sept 7 at 6:30pm
Sept 21 at 6:30pm*
2525 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach

FMB Fire District

2016-17 rate  2.5800
2017-18 proposed rate 2.5800

Hearing Dates

Sept 14 at 5:05pm
Sept 28 at 5:05pm*
Beach Library, 2755 Estero Blvd., Fort Myers Beach

Beach Library

2016-17 rate  0.3499
2017-18 proposed rate 0.3499

Hearing Dates

Sept 11 at 5:15pm
Sept 26 at 5:30pm*
2755 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach

FMB Mosquito Control District

2016-17 rate  0.0966
2017-18 proposed rate 0.1235

Hearing Dates

Sept 8 at 5:01pm
Sept 15 at 5:01pm*
300 Lazy Way, Fort Myers Beach